The Best Way to Start a Company

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Starting a business is easy. You can do it in a day.

Starting a business that lasts is a lot harder, even if you set all your time and money into it. And the all-in approach is a lot riskier, since the extra time and money you invest, the more you put at risk.Here are six steps to minimizing risk while building a solid organization for small business success:

  1. Live like a college student.

Startup circular structure diagram. Young businessman holding a marker and drawing a key elements for starting a new business. Isolated on white background.

Almost every business venture requires spending money before making money. Some small businesses take years to turn a profit.

A huge percentage of startups fail because they run out of wealth, and even if you do not, chronic money problems can lead to poor long-term decisions.

Before you start your industry, cut all your personal expenses to the bone.

  1. Work incredibly hard at your current job.

Work incredibly hard at your work so your evening and weekend time is yours, not your employer’s.

  1. Set a daunting schedule.

LOGO 13-1335-FINALWhen your ordinary work day ends, your start-up workday is just beginning.Decide how many hours you think you can spend on your start-up all evening and add 25 to 50 percent.Then commit to that schedule. Write it down, and if your program says you will work from 5.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. every evening, and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends, work those hours.

See the schedule you make for your start-up the same way you see your schedule for your current job–as non-negotiable. Then work that plan.

  1. Ignore the temptation to whine about your daunting schedule.Blog_Entry3_v1

Say you start a consulting business. Once you land a few customers you’ll be working every evening and most weekends.

You may have to get up early all day to take care of e-mails and also voicemails by you start off to work. In large part your clients will choose your job hours for you.

Don’t complain. Don’t protest. Maintain reminding yourself that having demanding clients is great because it means you actually have customers.Resist the temptation to complain or feel sorry for yourself. Happily pay the price–it’s a price most other public won’t pay.

  1. Be Ebenezer Scrooge.

Don’t. Reinvest every dollar you earn. Use profits to set up the company infrastructure you need (not the one you want, but the one you need). Buy supplies. Buy equipment you’ve been renting. Promote. Or save cash to tide you through inevitable revenue downswings.

  1. Keep your full-time job longer than you desire.

Deciding when to quit your work and go into business full-time is the hardest choice you will make.

It’s impossible to make a purpose decision when you’re tired, stressed, sick of your full-time work, sick of your boss, or when you just desire your life back.But don’t quit too soon. When in doubt, hold out. Always focus on numbers, not emotion.

Your financials–personal and business–will tell you when it’s finally time to quit your job.



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This Safari highlights Kenya’s most famous game viewing regions and some less traveled sites.
Fly over the famed Masai Mara, view the Flamingos at Lake Nakuru, travel to the edge of the Northern Frontier. One of the highlights of this Safari is flying in and around the Great Rift Valley. Note: It is possible to combine Kenya and Tanzania

Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most famous mountains, Kilimanjaro, Meru, and Ol Donyo Lengai. You will see them all. Its been called one of the wonders of the world, the Ngorogoro Crater. In addition to seeing the Crater from the air, you will witness regions in the Crater Highlands that are only accessable by Helicopter Note: It is possible to combine Kenya and Tanzania

Debbie-Lester-ISIS-Clinical-Programmes-Director-in-UgandaUganda is popular for its Gorillas, on this Safari you will see the Gorillas, however Uganda has several other amazing sites, such as Muchison Falls, Queen Eliezbeth National Park, and the Great Rift Valley. It would take at least three weeks to see all of these sites by road. You will travel to all of these sites and more! l

Highlights on this Safari include game viewing in and around the Okavango Delta, a flight over Victoria Falls, a night at the famed Victoria Falls Hotel, game tracking in Matusadona National Park and a canoe ride on the Zambezi River in the Mana Pools area.meeting-1020230_1920

Price from $15,889 per person, double occupancy, pricing based on four travelers. Price subject to change. Note: With four travelers we use either the Longranger or the Squirrel Helicopter for your comfort. Price based on Kenya seven day itinerary.

As you read about Mac and Steve you will get a feel for their passion and experience in regards to the variation of destinations and the different style of travel they are capable of facilitating throughout the African Continent. Mac is the pilot and Steve takes care of all ground operations. Mac has been flying for thirty-seven years and Steve has been arranging Safaris as well as organizing and participating in Expeditions all over Africa for numerous years. They will both accompany you throughout your journey to insure you have the experience of a lifetime.

business-tour-500x500Often when a Helicopter or small aircraft is utilized in tourism, the purpose is to ferry you from one destination to the next. In these situations the pilot greets you, makes sure you are safely in the aircraft and off you go to your destination. You land, thank him/her for the flight and then become a tourist on the ground as everyone else. This is not the experience we are offering to you.

Mac and Steve are making available to you their combined 60 years of experience traveling deep into Africa. Whether you want to travel to the most popular Safari areas such as viewing the migration in Kenya and Tanzania or get into remote areas of the Sahara Desert, Mac and Steve will be your personal guides throughout your journey.

Steve and Mac will consult with you and tailor your journey to your wants and needs. Remember with the Helicopter we can go just about anywhere, you may be the one that makes a new discovery as the explorers of the past did!

For the purpose of understanding our terminology on this website we define the following as;

“Air Trips” includes Safaris and Expeditions

Visit our other section: janitorial services chicago

the-centre-of-651928_1920“Safari” Your Helicopter Safari will focus on Big Game-Viewing, for example, if you are witnessing the mass migration in Kenya and/or Tanzania you will not have to be a part of the large crowds that are viewing from the ground as we will be viewing from the air. Accommodations will be mostly up-market lodges and tented camps depending on your geographic location, on occasion the accommodation may be of upper medium quality.

“Expedition” Depending upon your location, your Expedition may include Big Game-Viewing, 07_about_dave_saskiasimilar to the Safari, although our Expeditions can also take place in less developed areas such as Sahara Desert Countries. In addition to your location being a factor, the main difference between the Expedition and the Safari is the accommodation situation. The Helicopter Expedition is designed to get you far away from crowded areas and in doing so often there are no lodges or camps, so what we do is land the Helicopter and sleep where we land. If the area is accessible by vehicle, our ground staff will be there with the camp all set-up. If there is no vehicle access we will use light sleeping equipment and sleep around or under the Helicopter.